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Grumpy Gorilla Films is a Production House specializing in action design, production and direction of action/fight scenes, fight choreography and stunt coordination.

Our experienced crew covers a variety of skills adjusted to any production's needs. Furthermore, we collaborate with the client and provide concepts and previsualization videos according to the requirements of each production, in order to fulfil the filmmaker's creative vision.

Also, our team will train the actors in modern facilities, with industry-leading equipment, so that they are capable of performing the action scenes we design flawlessly.


Our credits for action design include several Greek and international productions, including "Goldfish"(2013), "Amercement"(2020) "Broadway" (2021), "The student"(2021), "Pray"(2022), "Forgotten history"(2022), "Backstrom"(2022),"Markaris"(2023), "Herhaussen"(2023).

Recently, EKOME introduced the services of Cash rebate, Tax relief and the establishment of Film Offices around the country.


In order to cover the uprising demand in Greece, our company's services  also include production management, script consulting, commercial/corporate/music videos, VFX/3D modelling, location scouting, storyboards, poster design, sub-titling. Our team has recruited experienced professionals in the fields mentioned above, all of which guarantee an exceptional result.

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